Summer Skill Clinics

Damien Fitzpatrick

What level is required to participate in one of the SwimQuest Camps?

These clinics are open to all competitive swimmers, depending on age the only requisite is to have a competitive or special-competitive swim membership. Swimmers will have a better experience if they know the basics of competitive strokes, and have at least started learning the turns.

Is my swimmer too advanced for these Camps?

During the 3 days, we experiment with body position control, balance, and equilibrium. These are all skills valid for swimmers of all levels, beginners and Olympic-level athletes. We also work on technique and skills, specifically starts, turns and underwater, which can be tailored to the level of each swimmer; for this reason, these clinics can be relevant to everyone.

How much will they swim during these sessions?

These clinics are not designed to have a “training” effect, but to work on the fundamentals and prerequisites of training and stroke development, with an emphasis on the coordinative aspects and self-awareness in the water. The skill work will be mostly on turns, underwater positions and on starts where possible. It is still summer and we can work on aspects it’s hard to cover in season- and have fun at the same time! In short, we will do a lot but not swim laps in the traditional sense.

I can’t register my swimmer on the JustGo system! How can I fix this?

Please check if you are using the swimmer’s account for registration (sometimes parents have their own, and try to register through that one). Another common cause of problems is swimmers not having a “competitive” membership; in this case, just check with your Club. For any queries, you can contact [email protected] and we will sort out all the problems.

Is the AquaXcel Camp in Limerick an advanced version of the SwimQuest?

No, the AquaXcel Camp is just a different programme. It is planned just before the start of the season for most swimmers, and is designed more as a “test” clinic, with the use of video recording and testing, and has an educative nature aimed at encouraging the improvement of specific skills.

Is there a waiting list for the AquaXcel?

Yes, you can register on the JustGo website.

Why the AquaXcel Camp has only a small capacity?

The AquaXcel Camp will require individual work both in the water and dryland, and individual feedback, so we have to limit the number of swimmers to ensure everyone receives the right attention. Based on the outcome and feedback, we might plan other similar Camps in other holiday periods.


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Dates Location Time Age Groups Cost
2 – 4 August 2023 Waterford (Newtown) 10am 2013/2008 €50
8 – 10 August 2023 Mallow 9.45am 2013/2008 €45
14 – 16 August 2023 Tralee 9.30am 2013/2011 €50
14 – 16 August 2023 Tralee 11.00am 2010/2008 €50
17 – 19 August 2023 Ennis 2pm 2013/2008 €50
20 – 21 August 2023 Limerick (UL) 8am – 2pm 2009+ €90